Remote or Out of State Sellers

With all the technology available today it’s never been easier to sell your property remotely. However, finding a real estate broker comfortable and proficient with tech tools is not as easy. As a former project manager in the tech and security space these tools are second nature. There are several key areas when considering the benefits I offer to remote sellers:

Establishing a Baseline In some cases it’s been years since an owner has last set foot in their property. Houses don’t generally age well so it’s important to start with getting a handle on the current condition. Documenting with photographs and/or video uploaded to the cloud for all parties to digest and share.

Working with Tenants The idea to sell often comes on the heels of the final stages of tenancy and it’s important to create a relationship with outgoing tenants whether it your average rental tenants or family members.

Preparation Nearly all properties will need some level of preparation prior to selling on the open market. In some cases it’s just a thorough cleaning and others need a full scale market preparation. Design + Prep Examples

Contracts and Documents The entire real estate process can be completed remotely starting with electronic signatures for listing and contract documents culminating in overnighted “wet signature” deed documents signed in the presence of a notary.

Project Management The home sale process is certainly one in which you want a project minded professional on your side guiding you from one achievement step to the next. This is even more important with a remote seller because all aspects of the preparation, listing, and sale have to be covered with confidence.

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