Can a Realtor be useful if you’re not selling your home?  YES, I CAN!

Most of us seldom move or have any business dealings with a Realtor in any given year.  I’ve set out to change that.

As a seasoned renovation veteran with several $100,000+ projects under my belt it’s time I share my experiences in the form of COMPLIMENTARY HOME ADVICE.

Are you planning a renovation? Bathroom need a facelift? A Kitchen remodel in your future? Thinking about replacing those old windows?

We need to talk. I can help you save tons of money and walk you through the process.

I just replaced 30 windows in my own house and saved tens of thousands.

I’ll introduce you to qualified, honest, and fair contractors like Premium Construction.

I’m providing an on-site, in-person, one on one consultation that is completely FREE. Lets talk about your next home project and I’ll give you a head start with design ideas, budget advice, contractor recommendations, and more.

It costs nothing except a few moments of your time. Fill out the form below to schedule an appointment or just ASK RON a question.

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