Design + Prep Examples

Preparing a property for sale is tough. Starting with figuring out exactly what should be done and why. In Northern Virginia, we have an abundance of highly qualified buyers. Those buyers generally want to purchase a house that doesn’t require extensive updating, at least not right away, otherwise it’s seen as a turn off or worthy of a lower selling price. There are some very simple and affordable home sale preparations that go a long way with buyers. Here are a few examples from our past design and prep projects.

Wallpaper: While making a design comeback, old wallpaper is seen by buyers as a huge chore and not an easy one. Removing wallpaper, painting a neutral color and ditching the window treatments really turns this space around.

Distractions: Every once in awhile a persons design taste will be VERY difference from most. Take this alternating floor stain. Beautiful maple floors but with an alternating stain, it really becomes a distraction. It was the first thing most people noticed instead of the impressive 48″ Viking range. Removing distractions is really critical.

Drywall Repairs: Leaking bathrooms wreak havoc on rooms below. Even small plumbing issues stain drywall to a noticeable degree. Drywall is a very cost effective wall covering but easily damaged. In addition to the clearly visible ceiling patch just check out all these drywall imperfections right along the front door entrance.


Antique: While great for furniture, it’s a bad aesthetic for buyers. Gutting and fully modernizing a kitchen can be done and does make sense in some cases, smaller and easier renos are a possibility as well. Take this 50’s kitchen. Same footprint as the original just a complete overhaul of the aesthetic and at fraction of the cost.


Carpet: Aside from paint, the best dollar for dollar spend when it comes to preparing a house for sale. The difference here is staggering. Equally as important when the carpets are dirty or damaged beyond cleaning. We love our pets but they can absolutely destroy carpet in more ways than one.


Upgrades: There are times when simple, straightforward and cost effective upgrades are recommended especially to gain something you didn’t have before. By finishing this “bathroom” we can now count it in the listing, boosting the selling attributes. Not to mention, what buyer is going to look at the picture on the left and be ok with it?