Dressing up on home’s exterior is a sure fire way to create buyer desire!  There are even an increasing group of home buyers who explore the market doing drive-bys lead by mobile apps.

When browsing homes on the internet, what’s the first picture that comes up?  A picture of the front of the house! Let your first picture be the cover to the New York Times Bestseller that is your home.

Before putting a home on the market I’ll make sure to go over this in detail with you.

1) Paint front door and trim.  New paint goes a long way.  Make your entrance stand out with a new color against fresh trim.  You can match your shutters or go with something completely different.  Just stay away from colors too loud for your neighborhood.

2) Give your house a bath.  Power wash everything.  Siding, porches, paths, steps, driveways, etc.  We’re going for a fresh and clean look here!

3) Seal driveway. Asphalt cracks and gets dull overtime.  Throw down a fresh coat of sealer and it will return to a nearly new look.

4) New Mailbox.  A brand new mailbox and post can really stand out from the street since it will likely be the closest object from the street.  Climbing plants like a clematis growing up the mailbox can really amp up the cute factor.

5) House Numbers. If you can’t see your house numbers from the street or they are more than 15 years old go ahead and get a new set.  Make sure they are clearly visible from the street.  Raised black letters on white trim are both easy to see and current as far as trends go.

6) Seasonal Accessories. Eyes are naturally drawn to colors and associated with the feeling of those seasons. Tell a potential buyer how it will feel with fresh Flowers for spring. Ferns for Summer. Mums/Pumpkins for fall. Wreath/ holiday decorations for winter.

7) Mulch, prune and edge.  By mulching and pruning in the spring and summer you’ll already have a leg up when it comes time to put a sign in your yard.  Just make sure your bed edges are trimmed from grassy areas which will have a nicely defined look.

8) Remove roof stains.  It’s quite common for asphalt shingles to start showing signs of age with the build up of organic stains and streaks.  You can treat them with a sprayable product available at hardware stores that removes them over the next 1-3 months.

9) Remove or replace storm doors.  Storm doors are very practical.  They let air and light in light a solid door can’t.  However, from the street, its a whole different ball game.  They hide the front entrance and usually only come in white or black, two lifeless colors.  Better to let your newly painted front door be on full display!

10) Replace old light fixtures.  Old may work but it’s not good enough.  A new light fixture can be the cherry on top if everything else has already been done. Light designs change almost annually and buyers will notice.