Save 15 percent on the sale of your home


At Ron Leffler Real Estate, we charge 5% on the sale of your home, compared with the 6% you’ll find with many Virginia Realtors. This simple reduction in commission saves you THOUSANDS!

What does a 15 percent savings look like for your home?

In addition to saving on commission, you won’t have to pay an “admin fee” which I have seen as high as $595 in addition to the commission. Not here, no sir.

Ready to get more for the sale of your home? Contact Ron Leffler now!

Leave the closing table with more money

When you pay lower real estate fees, you leave the closing table with more money. When you sell your home with Ron Leffler Real Estate, you leave with 15 percent more. On top of that, Ron Leffler Real Estate won’t pass on the administrative fee for closing on your home. Why give up more of the profit from your home’s sale than you have to?


Save without sacrificing service

With Ron Leffler Real Estate, you don’t just save 15 percent on the sale of your home, you get superior realty services. We offer modern, top-notch realty services to help your home sell quickly and at a price you’ll be satisfied with. Our services include:

  • Professional photography that shows your home in the best light
  • Walk-through videography that allows interested buyers to take a virtual tour of your home
  • A boosted listing on so buyers looking in your area are sure to see your home
  • Your own property website that supplies potential buyers with all of the information they’d need
  • Facebook advertising to reach a broader pool of potential buyers

Are you ready to earn 15 percent more on the sale of your home?

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