It happens less and less these days that you stumble upon a tradesman or a company that you cannot say enough good things about.  Premium Construction, a father/son duo are the guys and company I’ve been raving about for years.  I met them in 2008 after just purchasing my first home, a foreclosure and fixer upper for sure.  They had been working across the street from my parents, building a master suite addition above a garage. My project was much smaller than a full scale addition but that didn’t matter.  Large or small these guys will get it done.

Ok, talk is cheap. Let me show you what these guys can do.

My First House:

Remove a load bearing wall and install a structural lvl beam to create a more open space between the dining room and living room. Build a custom elevated bar between the two rooms.  Install recessed lighting and tv above the fireplace.





Turn “pinky” into a more modern bathroom.

164_2517 164_2515



Breathe some life into the kitchen by installing slate tile, track lighting, and new appliances.164_2526













My Second and More Adventurous House:

Remove existing roof structure and replace with engineered cathedral ceiling trusses.

2011-01-05_11-25-33_452 2011-04-20_09-56-46_842  P1190481  P1210009





Build an inviting front portico.

P1190158 DSCN0155 2011-06-01_20-13-03_92HDR-7440HDR-7441











Install a french door with small walkout deck.

DSCN0148 IMG_7495



Install wood and iron banister.

HDR-7469 2011-07-15_11-44-41_275


Install new kitchen cabinets/backsplash, recessed lighting, and pendants.

IMG_7502 IMG_7503

My Third and Most Complicated House:

Upgrade an old Breaker Panel






Remove an old structural beam and posts.

wpid-20150119_111357.jpg wpid-20150119_111427.jpg wpid-20150122_171549.jpg

and much more to come…

If you are thinking about a project large or small I would encourage you to consider Jim and Casey Walz of Premium Construction.  I get nothing from promoting them, I simply want to spread the good word and keep the shoddy,crooked and overpriced contractors away from your home. I will personally show you their work in my own home and introduce you.