When I purchased my first home and foreclosure I had a lot to learn.  Seriously, the trials and tribulations were astounding but once in the rear view, the feeling couldn’t be beat.  Luckily, there was no shortage of wise men (and women) around me offering advice from years of their own experience.  Most of the time I used it to solve construction problems such as layout, materials, contractors, etc.  Every once in a while we came up with a solution to a problem I didn’t even know I had yet.

July 4th rolls around and you’ve invited the neighbors to a nice little cookout.  Throw some burgers on the grill, a couple dogs maybe a few brats and some veggies.  Hmm, grill sounds funny. Meats not really cooking, missing that sizzle sound.  You’re out of propane and everyone’s looking at you, starving.  Now since you’ve missed your opportunity to have checked the tank beforehand or be clever enough to have a full spare on hand, you’re left with one option.  Tuck your tail between your legs and run off to the store where you better pray that 100 other jokers didn’t already fall prey to the same situation earlier.

Insert a natural gas BBQ grill.    No tank–it will never go empty.  Nothing to lug back and forth to the store. Nothing to remember, except that your saving about 25% compared to propane.

If you’re renovating your basement like I was and also installing other natural gas lines, do yourself a favor and run another line to the backyard. Your family and friends will be forever grateful and you’ll look pretty smooth in the process. That natural gas BBQ guy just has life figured out.