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Ron Leffler is a real estate agent in Mt. Vernon, VA a suburb of Washington D.C. and the former home of George Washington. Ron is a Realtor that not only is committed to his clients but educating the community on his favorite topics such as renovating, contractors, and buying or selling real estate.

Tax Free Savings Account for Virginia First-Time Homebuyers

Coming up with the funds for a down payment and all the associated closing costs isnt easy, but Virginia has just released a new plan that offers some assistance. It’s called a First-Time Homebuyer Savings Plan and allows up to $50,000 to be set aside in an interest bearing account that will be exempt from Virginia state taxes indefinitely. The Feds will still take their fair share but the 2-5.75% (depending on income level) that VA would normally get is yours to keep free and clear.

In order to qualify at least one person involved in the home purchase must be a first time homebuyer. Each year you must indicate your FHSP account’s tax free status along with your taxes. Currently, there is no time limit on how long the account can exist. The account(s) can be a variety of mutual funds, CDs, stocks, bonds, money markets, insurance, even a regular savings account. You’re only limited by a $50k max contribution over the course of the plan. Total, the principal and interest can not exceed $150k.

Sounds great right? Two things to keep in mind. The funds must eventually be used to actually buy a house. The state will want you […]

Solar Tubes – Must Have in Dark Interior

IMG_20140602_181612Lighting is everything, ask any photographer. Natural lighting is everything in a home.  Nothing worse than dark shadowy areas with the lights on full blast.  There is also nothing better than bright natural light beaming in during the daytime.There is a product generally known as solar tubes that are a must have for interior rooms without windows.  Good example would be a hall bathroom.  These tubes come in a variety of  sizes (10″ pictured) based on the size of the room you need to illuminate.  IMG_20140610_202533


You may need to buy an extension, or several if the distance between your roof and your ceiling is greater than the size of the main solar tube supplied. Most companies offer flexible and rigid extensions depending on your install challenges.   

If your planning on having your roof replaced I would highly recommend adding one of these to your plans.  Averaging between $250-$350 for the kit, it’s a small price to pay for permanent natural lighting.  You would be surprised how often people will ask “how […]

Arcadia’s Mobile Food Market

Ever a little disappointed in your local farmers market? There’s a new game in town via Arcadias Mobile Market which is a farmers market rolling down the road in a 28 foot converted school bus. Right now they have 9 locations in DC and 1 near me in Alexandria. They offer local produce from May to October as well as a variety of fresh breads and honey. Check them out




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